Meet Our Assistant Trainer

Michaela Greif stepped down from the P&A board of directors to join us as the Assistant Trainer. Michaela is a certified pet dog trainer who does private dog training and worked for a prominent dog training company in the Philadelphia area for 10 years. She is also the creator and director of an animal ­assisted education program for at-­risk youth, Community K9. Michaela holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania, and has worked as a mental health therapist with children and adults in both outpatient and residential care. In addition, Michaela holds anmichaela photo Associate degree in Service Dog Training from the Bergin University for Canine Studies, where she trained dogs for individuals with disabilities. She has worked with animal­ assisted activity programs for homeless teens, children in foster care and juvenile detention centers. She created a service dog manual for a prison program, New Leash on Life, and continues her education through numerous animal behavior and training workshops and seminars.

Michaela is the owner of Noble Hound Training.  She expertly trains dogs of all ages, temperaments and issues, ranging from basic manners to aggressive behaviors. Learn more about Noble Hound Training at: