Volunteers from Berkshire Hathaway

Not only does Paws and Affection need monetary donations, we also need volunteers! Our dogs live in the homes of families at night and on weekends and we need volunteers to take on the tremendous responsibility and joy of being a foster family.

The job of these families is a great one. They not only assist in the training of the dogs, attend classes with us, and make a commitment to the daily drop off and pick up of their puppy at school. They also teach them to interact with all kinds of people and easily travel to all kinds of places.  They take these dogs on outings with them everywhere they go and talk about Paws and Affection and the future of these pups to everyone they meet. The families we need are ones who are active and busy, but in an atmosphere that is welcoming to a service dog. We not only need foster families, but also backup families for when a full time foster goes away. If you are interested in this program but can’t commit yet, you could also apply to be a backup family on an as needed basis.

Our puppies wear vests that say, “service dog in training” allowing them access to all public places.  If you are interested in becoming a foster family please read the foster family FAQs to learn more.

child and Goldendoodle working and teaching and bonding

photo credit: Vikki Sloviter Photography

In addition to foster families we need people to help fundraise. If you are interested in planning or hosting an event, please let us know, we would love to help you plan it!

If you would like to help us walk, brush, bathe, or play with the puppies let us know that too. Please note: Our volunteers must be 14 years or older to work with the dogs.


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