Foster Family Stories


roseL. Rose, Primary Foster to Kelly

“Watching Kelly enthusiastically master new skills has made me such a proud “mama.”  Over the past year and a half, countless people have commented, “What a generous thing you are doing!”  Truth be told, Kelly (and this entire experience) has given me so much more than I have given her!  I am forever grateful to Kelly and to Paws & Affection for affording me this life-changing opportunity.”



chousM. Chou, Primary Foster to Snickers

“The experience has taught our kids about responsibility, time management, patience, and sacrifice for a good cause (and of course they are absolutely in love with their “baby sister”)…Paws & Affection provides an outstanding support network for being a foster family, not only from the back-up foster, but also from the smart, dedicated and wonderful women who run the organization, and train the dogs.”



J. Gibbon, Primary Foster to Nikki and Maggie

“Fostering a dog through P&A has been an incredibly rewarding experience for our family. It’s been fascinating to not only see how much these dogs are capable of from a training perspective, but it’s also incredible to know how much of a difference they will make in a child’s life. We regularly get asked if it’s hard to give the dog back. The honest answer to that question is, of course, yes. But once you get an opportunity to see the bond that your dog has with her forever person and see the joy it brings to that child, it becomes one of the easiest things in the world to do. We’re currently fostering our second dog through P&A and we already have plans to do it again!”

J. Kintisch Secondary Foster to  Maggie

Maggie Vest“Being a secondary foster for Maggie has been an amazing experience for our family. Our middle daughter was first a teen volunteer for Paws and Affection and encouraged us to apply. We love being part of the team and watching Maggie grow and learn. Not only is she an amazing dog, Paws and Affection is an amazing organization!”




S. Chen, Secondary Foster to Snickers

“I wanted our young boys to be exposed to animals but in turn this experience has also instilled in them compassion and a sense of social responsibility. They have embraced our commitment to help Snickers become the best service dog she can be so that she can help a disabled child live a more enriching life.”