golden retriever resting after training sessionDuring the first two years of each dog’s life we invest $25,000  getting him or her ready for placement with a child. This money comes from private donations and foundations.

At Paws and Affection we charge a $5,000 placement fee for our service and facility dogs and $2,500 for our companion dogs. This cost covers recipient training, supplies for the dog, and follow up training. This is not a donation and does not give the recipients ownership of the dog. This financial commitment from the recipient is the first step in understanding the dedication and hard work needed to make this mutually beneficial relationship between dog and child a success.

Below is a breakdown of the investment made in each dog over the initial training period.

Expenses Years 1 and 2

Cost of puppy $2,500
Vet care: $3,600
Flea/Heartworm Prevention
Insurance Plan
Food $1,100
Dog Care Expenses: $7,300
Foster Family Training
Socialization Outings
Training Facility
Service dog training $9,300
Training supplies:
(toys, leash, collar, crate, etc.)
Grooming: $1,000
TOTAL: $25,000

golden retriever puppies holding a sit stay or wait

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