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Holiday Greeting Cards

Ready to share some cheer this holiday season?

These greeting cards featuring our service dogs in training are sure to spread the joy to all of your loved ones – all while supporting a good cause! Get a mixed pack that includes cards featuring each dog, or a pack featuring only your favorite pup.
Snickers                                                                            Barney



Maggie & Louie                                                              Kelly



Snickers & Barney


The suggested donation amount for a 12 pack of cards is $20. Please fill out the order form here and use the “Donate” button below to process your payment. If you would prefer, you can send a check made out to Paws and Affection to PO Box 201, Merion, PA 19066. Orders will be processed once your payment is received. Cards will be available for pickup at Paws and Affection or sent out on Monday, November 28th.(Inside the card reads: Wishing you a happy holiday and a joyous new year!




Cocktails for Canines 2016

2nd Annual Cocktails for Canines Event!
Saturday, May 21, 7:30 PM, Berwyn, PA

Join us for a fabulous party with drinks and live music, a beer garden, and rides in sports cars!
Come meet our new puppies and see our soon-to-be graduate dogs show off their skills.

Tickets are $75 per person and you can buy your tickets right here!


Phillies Game!

phillies logo   Join us for a Phun night with the Phillies!

Who: You and all your friends and family

What: Phillies vs Marlins

When: Monday, May 16 at 7:05

Where: Citizens Bank Park

Why: The Phillies will give P&A $10 for every ticket sold!

Bonus: It’s Dollar Dog Night!! 


$17 (Pavillon Deck – section 306-310)
$26 (Pavillion – Second 201-205)
$33 (Field seats – section 101-107 or 140-148)

1) Go to on a computer (not a phone) and select “Buy Tickets”
2) Enter the password “PAA” and then select “Buy Tickets”
3) Advance the calendar to May
4) Click on the tiny T on the May 16th box
5) Enter the coupon code “PAA” again
6) Select desired seating and check out

And check this out –  if we sell 500 tickets P&A gets to throw out the first pitch. WHAT?!?!? So invite ALL your Phillies friends!

The Dog Days of Summer

by Stephanie Jones, Paws and Affection Summer Intern from Villanova University

Life as a Summer Intern with Paws and Affection

Stephanie and Beesly pose in front of White Dog Cafe.A wet nose nudge to the face, this is my new morning alarm. Unfortunately, this wake up system, aka Kelly the black golden-labradoodle, doesn’t come with a snooze button, so we’re up a bit earlier than need be. I suppose my new wake up and the not so sparse dog hairs spread throughout my room and house are the price to pay for puppy sleepovers.

Out of bed we go and onto a short walk, just enough time to stop and sniff the roses, among other things. We keep the morning routine abbreviated as we have so much to see and do today! One short train ride into suburban station later, we’re the picture-perfect Philly tourist couple, fanny pack, or training pouch, and all. First stop: the Schmear It food truck stationed in Love Park. Ideal spot for a little breakfast and a lot of love from everyone lined up to buy a bagel to support the training of Kelly and her friends. We stroll around Love Park bagel in hand, not in paw, much to Kelly’s chagrin. We make our way down to the art museum and the river side. Here it strikes me, while just about every other intern rushes for coffees or stresses over the next morning meeting, I just reenacted Rocky with a puppy on the art museum steps and gave nearly every person I passed a reason to grin.

We follow up our city morning with a more suburban afternoon; each of the dogs get a walk around the neighborhood. Beesly, with his particular palate, expects only peanut butter for his walks. Then there’s Cricket, who bounds through his walk with enough energy to finish three loops rather than just one. Finally, Nikki wanders through block after block glued to my side like a little blond shadow.

We come back to the house for a short training session. Susie demonstrates how to shape a behavior, today it’s using their mouths to tug open a door. Several dozen rounds of open doors, clicks, and treats later and we’ve finished training for today.

To wrap up the day I do what a lot of interns might, make a few social media posts, help brainstorm fundraising ideas, and talk about what’s going right and wrong day to day. The only difference is I have a puddle of a dog napping at my feet all the while, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Broad St Run Fundraising Results

Bark Street Run: Help us Raise Some Dough for the Dogs!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in raising $2500 for Paws and Affection by donating for our runners. Beesly was at the finish line to greet all the finishers and brought smiles to the faces of many racers.

Our very own Program Director, Susie Daily, and Board Chair, Chad O’Kane, as well as Phil Gibbon, one of our foster dads, finished the race and we are so proud of them. We also had 4 other runners stretch themselves to finish this race and we are appreciative of all their efforts.

photo 1

Laura and Susie with Beesly at the Broad St Run

Paws and Affection Bark St Run

The P&A runners with Beesly at the finish line



The Puppies are HERE!!

Welcome puppies!

Susie and Laura made the trek to Georgia and back to get the puppies and it was a very successful trip. The puppies come from Canine Assistants, a service dog organization outside of Atlanta, and are bred for service. They were all checked out by the Paws and Affection veterinarians at Devon Veterinary Hospital and are in perfect health! Susie and Laura are so excited to begin this journey of training and service with them. Get acquainted with each of the precious puppies by clicking on their name –

 Beesly, Kelly, Nikki, and Cricket.

Laura and Susie picking up first litter at Canine Assistants


The Puppies are Coming

Get ready for puppies!!  

Because we reached our fundraising goal on Indiegogo we are ready to get our first litter of puppies! They will arrive in mid December so get ready for more and more news as well as cute puppy pictures!  They are currently 4 weeks old and will be 16 weeks when we get them. We are in the process of finding a foster family for each of them so send us a message if you’re interested!
Here is the litter, 4 of these will be ours!

photo (15)