Application Process

The first step to applying for a Paws and Affection dog is to read the below criteria and eligibility requirements. If you (or your child) meet these requirements and are interested in applying for a Paws and Affection dog please call the phone number below to discuss the application process with us further.

Criteria and Eligibility Requirements

Paws and Affection has the mission of training and placing service dogs for children with physical disabilities in the greater Philadelphia area.  

Our dogs are not trained as guide dogs for people who are blind, hearing assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs, or autism support dogs.

Criteria for Applying for a Paws and Affection Service Dog

  • Child has been diagnosed with a physical disability, a psychiatric disability, Type 1 Diabetes, and/or another health condition that causes functional limitations.
  • Child is within Paws and Affection age requirements at the time of applying:
    • General Service Dog – 9 through 20 years old
    • Diabetic Alert Dog – Under 21 years old
    • Companion Dog – Under 21 years old
  • Child lives within a 1 hour driving distance of Narberth, PA 19066 and can provide own transportation to and from our facility.
  • Child is able to communicate verbally or with a speech generating device.
  • Child has no known allergies to dogs.
  • Child lives in a smoke-free household.

Eligibility Requirements for Having a Paws and Affection Service Dog

  • Child lives in a stable home environment where the emotional, physical, and financial needs of the service dog will be met.
  • Child possesses sufficient cognitive functioning and is mature enough to actively participate in the training and learning process with the dog.
  • If the household has a pet(s), P&A will assess if the environment is suitable for a P&A service dog on a case-by-case basis.
  • All parents/legal guardians and household members must be agreeable to having a service dog for the child. They must all agree to be active participants in facilitating the success of the child/dog team as well as the safety and well-being of the dog.

If you feel you and your family meet these requirements we would love to get to know you and take the next step in the application process. Please call our office to talk to a Paws and Affection staff member. 610.949.0490 or email us at: